Only NFL legend Rosey Grier will tell you how to sew a box pillow.

A Flickr photo of my NERD-lepoint pillow project got picked up on BoingBoing this morning, thanks to Wonderland and Craftzine. Yay, thanks Cory!

On Christmas, Kate's grandmother gave me a copy of Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men, which is a real book published in the seventies featuring football star Rosey Grier, who apparently was a man of parts. Or he had a ghost-writer, but I'd prefer to think the former.

I already have a copy of the standard needlepoint book called "The Black Bible", but only Rosey Grier's book has instructions on how to sew a box pillow with piping. Because, I guess, a box pillow is more manly than a knife-edge pillow. In any case, that's what I'm going for. Thanks, Rosey! (And thanks, mommygam! You rock!)

The book is totally worth looking at -- click on the cover to see some scans of the book that Flickr user "Extreme Craft" put up:

UPDATE: Oh man, Rosey Grier is the one that sings It's Alright to Cry" on "Free to be You and Me". Rosey Grier is the REAL THING, baby.